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Leigh Fuller

Leigh and Dasani at the RAWF 2011

Leigh has enjoyed success in the show ring with various horses at all levels of competition. Having discovered a particular enthusiasm in bringing along young horses, Leigh has been focusing on youngsters with a future in the hunter/jumper ring. She has a reputation for producing willing, relaxed animals, and instilling in them solid basics.

Leigh has experience coaching riders from beginner through to advanced levels. Whether you are just looking to start out, or aiming to get top ribbons at the horse shows; Leigh will guide you through in a fun and positive manner. Leigh has coached competitive riders at bronze, silver, and gold rated shows.



Sarah Bell

 Sarah and VIP

 Sarah has been involved with horses throughout most of her life. She has gained her experience through Kemptville College, and has her diploma in Equine Management. Sarah has also worked for Millarbrooke Farm and Karen Sparks. Sarah offers her services as an exercise/catch rider; she gives her horses quiet, consistent rides and is very meticulous in keeping a routine. Sarah is also available for clipping and mane pulling; she keeps the horses in show condition year round.



Ashli Dodd 


Ashli and Armani  

Ashli has been an equestrian enthusiast for most of her life. She has a solid foundation in the backing and training of young horses in all disciplines. Ashli has a reputation for producing willing, well-broke youngsters, and is able to tailor their program to suite the rider's competitive needs.

Ashli has been a valuable asset to the Daleigh Acres team. She is dedicated, supportive, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Ashli has assisted with backing some of our young horses as well as promoting them at horse shows; we are very lucky to have her!


If you are interested in Ashli's background and the services she provides, please contact her directly at 613-854-1439